Chevaune Hindley

About Me

Hi, I’m Chevaune Hindley

A freelance photographer, writer and content creator.

In 2008, I graduated with a Business Science in Marketing degree, but knew I'd never be a marketer. I understood everything about USP’s and target markets, but I had a creative spark in me that needed to be lit.

As it turned out, I still love helping businesses and brands succeed - but not in the way of target markets - rather in telling their story to their ideal client.

I was born and raised in South Africa, which is where I learnt my love for words. And it was during my overseas travels after graduation where I found my love for the camera. But if you'd told me then, that I’d eventually find my home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia - running a freelance business as a writer and photographer - I’d never have believed you. Six years running and I still have to pinch myself.

I love what I do
(it’s a cliche, I realise).

Working from my home studio on our Noosa Hinterland acreage (whilst raising three small boys) is a bit of a dream come true - even with the never-ending to-do list. But the busier I get, the more I want to explore my love for telling stories about all things food, lifestyle, travel and more.

That said, I’ve also learnt to pace myself. Which is why I’m about to pour myself a G&T, snuggle my little dog Missy and sit under the Jacaranda tree while I supervise the kids in the pool (it’s called balance - I’m trying to master it). But watch this space… because I’m only getting started.

A few favourite projects

Travel + Lifestyle Photography

Seahaven Noosa

Food Photography

Wood Fire Grill Noosa

Product Photography

Little Wildling Co