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Food, Travel & Lifestyle
South East Queensland

I love to keep things simple, so I've separated my services into two easy parts for you: lifestyle and studio.


Within both these categories, I'm experienced in shooting product, food, hospitality, editorial, interiors, personal branding, e-commerce and travel.




Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that usually involves a model (this could be the client) and aims to capture real-life situations in a stylised setting.


The purpose of this type of photography is to inspire the viewer through telling a story. It can be used to sell a product, service or place, as well as for personal branding and travel.


Lifestyle photography is generally a more relaxed, editorial approach to capturing the product, giving it a greater sense of authenticity and usually involves placing the product into an existing setting, using additional features such as hands and props. It can take place on location; either outdoors or at a venue such as an airbnb, restaurant or creative space.




Studio Photography is more specialised and is mostly used for high-end product or food photography, flat-lays, e-commerce and portrait photography; at a time when we need a more controlled environment and where special lighting is required.


This type of shoot is typically more technical and time consuming, often requiring a lot of skill in placement, styling, lighting and editing. My services price list includes studio hire as well as my time and experience to create more stylised type shots such as flat-lays.




I'm able to offer creative video packages too, so please feel free to enquire about how we can add video to your upcoming shoot.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like a copy of my services price list.